Craft Roulette

This was my submission for Episode 144 of Craft Roulette.  

Our parameters were:

Project:  Card for Someone Special

Color:  Christmas Tree

Element:  Wreath

Random:  Hand-drawn Border

Not sure what Craft Roulette is?  It's an online paper crafting challenge show on YouTube.  During each episode, 4 parameters are determined by the spin of a wheel.  Our hostess, Mary Gunn, and a guest each make a project based on those parameters.  We, the audience, are encouraged to make something too and submit a photo of it to Craft Roulette.  It's simple and so much FUNN (spelling according to Mary GUNN)!

I used the new Country Bouquet stamp set, available starting January 5, 2023 and the following products.  Sorry, the ribbon is now retired.

Happy Stampin!  Join us at Craft Roulette some time!

Craft Roulette on YouTube here:  Craft Roulette - YouTube

6:10PM CT -- Review of all the cards submitted based on the previous episode

6:30PM CT -- The show starts!